IoT-Enabled Smart Energy Management in Core Electrical Networks

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Nitin N. Sakhare
Mandar S. Karyakarte


The Internet of Things (IoT) being built into main power grids marks the start of a new era in smart energy management. This essay looks into how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can help improve the way energy is distributed and used in important electricity systems. We look at the current state of smart energy management systems by reading a lot of books and finding gaps and problems that IoT solutions can help with. The study goes into detail about the technologies that make IoT possible, explaining how sensor networks, communication protocols, and data analytics are used for tracking and controlling things in real time. We look at the unique problems that come up when trying to manage energy in these important systems, focusing on core electricity networks. The paper shows case studies of successful IoT projects that show how they were used in the real world, what lessons were learned, and how problems were solved. Also, worries about privacy and security with IoT systems in the energy field are looked at, along with ways to lower the risks that might happen. Frameworks for regulations and policy concerns are talked about, with a focus on the need for supporting structures to make acceptance easier for everyone. Looking ahead, the paper talks about obstacles and trends that will happen in the future. This helps us understand how IoT is changing in smart energy management. This study helps us learn more about how IoT can change core electricity networks at a time when the energy sector is going through changes that have never been seen before. At the end of the outline, the main results are summed up, and it is emphasized how important this study is for shaping the future of safe and efficient energy management.

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Sakhare, N. N., & Karyakarte, M. S. (2024). IoT-Enabled Smart Energy Management in Core Electrical Networks. Acta Energetica, (01), 88–98.