Aim and Scope

Acta Energetica Quarterly is a scientific journal focused on publishing original papers related to research findings and practical applications of solutions in power engineering.
Our aim is to disseminate knowledge about the technical, economic and legal aspects of the production, distribution, and consumption of electric power. Due to the nature of the publisher of the journal, we place great emphasis on the presentation of the solutions used in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Our aims is to:

  • Promote cooperation between science and industry
  • Facilitate access to information to individuals working in two separate sectors being energy supply companies and academia
  • Promote engineering solutions of institutions in different scientific and economic environments
  • Increase the scope of mutual connections and flow of information and knowledge thus becoming a "transmission belt" of innovation.

The journal is published in English. All papers are also available in Polish. The articles are published on the basis of Open Access in .pdf format. The content is indexed in the most relevant publishing databases that deal with technical science.

Acta Energetica covers topics including (but not limited to) the following primary areas of electrical engineering:

  • A-Electric Power Engineering
    - Power System Security & Risk Analysis
    - Power System Computational Analysis
    - Power System Dynamics & Control
    - Power System Economics & Markets
    - Power System Reliability
    - Power System Operations
    - Power System Planning & Implementation
    - Power System Relaying
    - Application of Power Electronics to Power Transmission
    - Power Distribution System
    B-Electric Machinery and Power Electronics
    - Electric Machinery I (Induction Motor)
    - Electric Machinery II (PM Machine and Special Machine)
    - Power Electronics
    - Advanced Technology for Electrical Transportation
    - Renewable Energy System
    - Motor Drive & Control
    C-Electrophysics & Applications
    - Electric Material and Semiconductor
    - High Power, High Voltage and Discharge
    - MEMS
    - Optical and EM Wave
    - Power Asset and Risk Management
    D-Information and Control
    - Control
    - Sensors and Systems
    - Robotics and Automation
    - Signal Processing
    - Information Technology
    - Biomedical Engineering
    E-Electrical Facilities
    - Technical Standard Design and Supervision
    - Electric Construction Technology
    - Electric Safety Technology
    - Distribution Facilities Operation & Maintenance
    - Electric Railway System
    - LVDC Facilities Technology
    - Electrical Facilities Convergence Technology