Resilient Smart Grids: Enhancing Core Electrical Systems for Sustainable Energy

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Vivek Deshpande
Romi Morzelona


Resilient Smart Grids are a big change in the way electrical systems work. They aim to make key structures stronger so that renewable energy can be used. This essay looks at the many aspects of improving electrical lines, focusing on resilience as a key factor in dealing with modern problems. Adding smart technologies is very important because it helps with being flexible and quick to respond to changing energy needs and unplanned problems. Adding advanced tracking, control, and communication technologies to standard grids turns them into smart grids, which are more reliable. These new technologies make it possible to analyze data in real time, which helps improve how energy is distributed and how it is used. AI and machine learning techniques help the grid predict, reduce, and recover from shocks, which makes sure that the energy supply is stable and efficient. Decentralized energy sources, like green energy and energy storage systems, are also easily merged. This makes it easier for the grid to handle changes and add more energy sources. Also, safety steps are very important for keeping smart grids safe from possible dangers. The paper goes into detail about how to build durable smart grids and stresses how important it is to have secure communication methods and strong infrastructure to protect against cyberattacks and keep important data safe and private. It is possible for energy environments to be sustainable with the help of adaptable smart grids that improve security, efficiency, and flexibility. In this paper, we look at the main developments, problems, and possible futures of resilient smart grids. We stress how important these grids will be in making future electricity systems more sustainable and able to adapt to changing energy environments.

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Deshpande, V., & Morzelona, R. (2024). Resilient Smart Grids: Enhancing Core Electrical Systems for Sustainable Energy. Acta Energetica, (01), 78–87.