Towards Intelligent Power Distribution: Smart Energy Solutions for Core Systems

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Waleed F. Faris
Amruta V. Pandit


In the energy distribution world, things are changing quickly. To make things more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly, Intelligent Power Distribution (IPD) systems were created. It talks about the change toward smart energy solutions that are made for core systems. With the help of progress in AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics, IPD is becoming a revolutionary way to improve power delivery networks. Our main goal with this study is to give you a complete picture of the main parts and functions that make up Intelligent Power Distribution systems. To handle power transfer on the fly, these systems use real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and adaptable control. Through the mutually beneficial interaction of smart sensors and AI algorithms, IPD not only makes power systems more reliable, but it also helps save a lot of energy. The study also looks at how to include green energy sources in IPD models so that an energy environment can last for a long time. IPD changes with the times by carefully balancing the load and automatically directing power lines. It does this by using solar, wind, and other sustainable energy sources without any problems. This makes energy infrastructure cleaner and more reliable, and it also makes us less reliant on standard power lines. The study also talks about how smart grid technologies help different parts of IPD systems talk to each other and work together more easily. Furthermore, the difficulties and possible dangers connected with implementing Intelligent Power Distribution are talked about, highlighting the need for strong safety measures and rules.

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Faris, W. F., & Pandit, A. V. (2024). Towards Intelligent Power Distribution: Smart Energy Solutions for Core Systems. Acta Energetica, (01), 67–77.