Intelligent Current Sensors as Part of Smart Grid Network

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Andrzej Nowakowski, Paweł Wlazło, Radosław Przybysz


The continuous development of the ITC systems, especially industrial Ethernet network using the IEC 61850 protocol allows to building a distributed sensor networks for control and monitor temporary states of the power infrastructure. In the paper the construction of the intelligent current sensors, Measurement Units (MU) for the Smart Grid network has been presented. In the paper the circuit diagram of sensor and synchronization method of the analog to digital converter based on the UTC timestamps has been described. The presented method allows to synchronize intelligent current sensors with an accuracy better than 1 μs. The presented innovative synchronization method is characterized by a high level of resistance to disappearance and attack of the reference time signal. The measuring device MU design is based on the embedded Linux-platform and as a sensing element used air core current transducers based on Rogowski coil. The connection between the current transducers and the central unit is made using a fiber optic link. Built-in IEC-61850 server provides a real-time measurement value of the True RMS, harmonics spectrum and samples value. The intelligent current transducers in addition to being used in the MUs create also new possibilities in the substation construction like the possibility to place the Autonomous Sensors in large distance from Intelligent Electronic Devices that are located in the substation.

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Andrzej Nowakowski, Paweł Wlazło, Radosław Przybysz. (2015). Intelligent Current Sensors as Part of Smart Grid Network. Acta Energetica, (02), 48–58. Retrieved from


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