Options to Improve the Quality of Wind Generation Output Forecasting with the Use of Available Information as Explanatory Variables

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Rafał Magulski, Tomasz Pakulski


Development of wind generation, besides its positive aspects related to the use of renewable energy, is a challenge from the point of view of power systems’ operational security and economy. The uncertain and variable nature of wind generation sources entails the need for the for the TSO to provide adequate reserves of power, necessary to maintain the grid’s stable operation, and the actors involved in the trading of energy from these sources incur additional of balancing unplanned output deviations. The paper presents the results of analyses concerning the options to forecast a selected wind farm’s output exercised by means of different methods of prediction, using a different range of measurement and forecasting data available on the farm and its surroundings. The analyses focused on the evaluation of forecast errors, and selection of input data for forecasting models and assessment of their impact on prediction quality improvement.

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Rafał Magulski, Tomasz Pakulski. (2015). Options to Improve the Quality of Wind Generation Output Forecasting with the Use of Available Information as Explanatory Variables. Acta Energetica, (02), 24–35. Retrieved from https://www.actaenergetica.org/index.php/journal/article/view/426


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