Problems of Selecting Protection for Shunt Reactors Working in Extra-High Voltage Grids

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Zbigniew Lubośny, Jacek Klucznik, Krzysztof Dobrzyński


This paper presents difficulties encountered when designing protection devices for shunt reactors connected directly to extra-high voltage grids. Using the example of the 400 kV Ełk Bis substation, it has been demonstrated that protection of a shunt reactor based on equipment using measurements of electrical signals from voltage and current transformers has its limitations and, in some cases, may be insufficient.

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Zbigniew Lubośny, Jacek Klucznik, Krzysztof Dobrzyński. (2016). Problems of Selecting Protection for Shunt Reactors Working in Extra-High Voltage Grids. Acta Energetica, (02), 139–148. Retrieved from


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